Vibration Isolators

Vibration isolation is the process of isolating an object, such as a piece of industrial equipment, from the source of vibrations. There are a wide variety of vibration isolators used for many different applications including pumps, motors, generators, sensitive lab equipment and even high-end audio.

The goal of is to educate the world about vibration isolators, explaining what they do, how they are used and what applications they can be used in. We will also provide you with the contact information of premium vibration isolator suppliers that we fully endorse, these suppliers stock every isolator you see on this website and have the knowledge to help you with any questions you may have on vibration isolators.

Cylindrical Vibration Isolators

The most widely used vibration isolator in the industry is the cylindrical variant, it has a limitless number of applications ranging from fans and motor to compressors and automotive equipment. Cylindrical vibration isolators are very useful and are also very durable making them very versatile.

Cylindrical vibration isolators are also known as bobbin isolators and can be made with a number of specialized compounds besides natural rubber such as silicone and polyurethane.

cylindrical vibration isolators

Marine Engine Vibration Isolators

Marine engine vibration isolators are used to isolate vibrations and reduce noise in diesel motors, marine propulsion engines and diesel generators to nme a few of the many applications.

These industrial grade vibration isolators are made from very durable materials to ensure maximum resistance of fuels, oils and water and feature an integral fail safe component to not only protect the isolator but also to maximize the life span of it as well.

marine engine vibration isolators

Electrical Enclosure Vibration Isolators

Electrical enclosure vibration isolators are used to mount electrical cabinets and boxes for applications with disturbing frequencies. These isolators also feature a fail safe component similar to the marine engine isolator family.

The fail safe design allows for a longer life span while also protecting the isolator and the sensitive equipment it is used on such as fans and refrigerating units.

electrical enclosure vibration isolators

Shear Vibration Isolators

Shear vibration isolators are a large family of isolators including machine flex bolt vibration isolators, conical vibration isolators, motor vibration isolators, crusher vibration isolators, plate vibration isolators and sandwich vibration isolators.

The applications for the shear vibration isolator family are many, ranging from cabs and engines to transmissions for all kinds of motor vehicles.

shear vibration isolators

HVAC Vibration Isolators

HVAC vibration isolators are used to provide low frequency vibration isolation and noise reduction for applications such as suspended fans, pipes and ceilings.

One key feature of these special isolators is their ability to hang a very heavy object such as a large pipe or a very heavy speaker despite their relatively small size.

hvac vibration isolators

Center Bonded Vibration Isolators

Center bonded vibration isolators are used in applications such as truck cabs and air conditioning units. They have a high load carrying capacity and are excellent when it comes to controlling shock and reducing noise due to structure borne vibrations.

Some of these unique isolators feature the ability to isolate noise and vibrations in all directions.

center bonded vibration isolators

Wire Rope Vibration Isolators

Wire rope vibration isolators are made from very high quality heavy duty stainless steel stranded rope cable threaded through aluminum alloy retaining bars, crimped and mounted for the absolute highest vibration as well as shock isolation.

These high end isolators can withstand a variety of environmental conditions making them perfect for military applications.

wire rope vibration isolators

Stationary Machine Vibration Isolators

Stationary machine vibration isolators are used in many industries from the food processing industry to the computer industry. Some isolators in this family can isolate vibrations in all planes (x, y and z) and are useful for slow speed heavy duty machinery to absorb both shock and large deflections.

There are also isolators in this family for use in the computer and medical equipment industries as well as lifting and traversing cranes.

stationary machine vibration isolators

Bushing Vibration Isolators

Bushing vibration isolators are another very popular type of isolator, they are used in applications ranging from flexible joints and general machinery to earth moving machinery. Bushing vibration isolators are designed to eliminate high frequencies while also supporting high load in every direction.

This makes them very versatile and in large demand when it comes to the vibration isolation industry.

bushing vibration isolators

Authorized Suppliers List

In this section we list our "authorized" vibration isolator suppliers. We won't just automatically add your company if you submit it. We have a very comprehensive system for accepting vibration isolator supplier applicants. They first must supply every isolator that we describe and display on our website, they also must also be very knowledgeable when it comes to the vibration isolation industry. We only refer vibration isolator suppliers that we feel are going to provide excellent customer service and are also going to be able to locate the specific isolator or isolators for your needs.

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